Samsung and Apple - their revolution in 2019

With Intel out of the race for Apple's 5G for iPhone this year and its fight with Qualcomm is unlikely to be resolved at that time, Apple may decide to use a reliable provider, Samsung as its next contender for this new year 2019.

With most Android smartphone providers likely to choose to use the new Qualcomm 5G modem in their technology, Samsung needs a large client to make its new 5G modem cost-effective, and that could mean signing up with Apple. While Apple fans do not like Samsung, Apple continues to use Samsung for specific parts of smartphones because Samsung delivers on time and is a reliable provider.

Although it has just announced the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max and the iPhone X, there are already rumors about the iPhone 2019. While the information has not yet been confirmed, it seems that Apple's flagships 2019 could include a variety of updates ranging from a new design to improved features. Here is everything we know about the device so far in this technology.

Every year, when Apple announces its new batch of iPhones, we expect to see new features and hardware. But occasionally, the technology giant eliminates a low-performance feature. And it seems that 3D Touch could disappear in 2019. In May, it was reported that the flagship iPhone 2019 was set to include three camera lenses. The Taiwanese newspaper Economic News Daily said that each of the three cameras could boast 12 megapixels, which could mean additional features of the camera, such as greater detail or greater zoom mode.

For its part, Samsung Electronics today introduced its first solid-state drive (SSD) based on NVMe 1, the Samsung Portable SSD X5, which reaches new levels of performance and reliability for external storage solutions. Based on cutting-edge Thunderbolt 32 technology, the new X5 features exceptional speeds in a compact and durable form factor, making it ideal portable storage for content creators and IT professionals everywhere.

The X5 has a beautiful completely metallic body with a shiny finish and a non-slip bottom mat. An internal shock-resistant frame and a rugged metal casing can withstand any accidental drops of up to two meters (6.6 feet). In addition, the Dynamic Thermal Guard, technology and a heat sink, an internal mechanical solution, protect the X5 from overheating, ensuring reliability and maintaining optimal operating temperatures.