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Samsung one ui-os

With TouchWiz, Samsung's first Galaxy S phone brought its own different looks to Android. But most people did not enjoy it. Pure android users complained about various Animation, Icon variations and colors, as well as thousands of apps that are installing Apps. Later, in 2016, the Samsung Experience Interface was introduced, and now simplifying it, it is simpler to use, single-hand operation and Night Mode.

Large screens on the one hand

Higher value on the bottom of the screen (
It's as if the old smart phone is so small now that they are seeing it again. The Galaxy S and iPhone 4 were just six years ahead of the big telephones that were largely unveiled, and could be easily accessed. Not only taps, but also Zoom and Zoom, Zoom could even be pinned to one-touch mode. But, compared to time screens, the phone has to handle the screen only with a large screen. Samsung's easiest strategy for this is to allow the upper part of the screen to be overwritten and display menus and tab buttons.

The special feature of the One UI on Android Pie is that its tabs are directed to the bottom of the screen. Hence, single-hand accessibility. For example, for example, Clock or Messaging applications, the tabs have dropped from the previously used World Clock, Messages. The alarm lists start at the top of the screen instead of up. Above, the upper part of the screen captures the largest number of characters in the next one. In the Messages app and on the half-screen-large Messages screen, the Search, Menu buttons and then the Messages menu are next to the bottom of the screen. When the list is scrolled, it takes the whole screen to scroll. Dialer, Contacts, Calendar and Stock Apps are visible in this design.

Changes to Camera and Animations

Scene Optimizer feature and Animation Parking facility (
Samsung has given a new look to the camera app. Switching between still images, video, panorama, and self-porting can now be made to the bottom. The lower-end Zoom button is now near the shutter button. The AR Emoji, Bixby Vision features, which are not used frequently, are also used over the screen with a flasher, timer, and filter buttons. The camera has a new Scene Optimizer that can capture images of bright colors.

If you feel that the phone is slow and unwanted by various animations in the Samsung interface, you can uninstall them and make One Plus a phone experience. Once enabled, Remove Animations will remove Samsung's multiple moves.

Night mode to use the phone in the dark

How to enable Night mode (
Many people are uncomfortable with the phone because they use the phone in the night without lighting. When the eye was aiming at the light of the darkness around it, it diminishes sleep and also gives the day to put more fatigue. As a solution for this, Samsung has provided the Blue Light filter feature, but we can expect more than that with OLED-enabled accessories. Because, when they show their blackness, the battery will be turned off so that the components on the screen are completely turned off.

The new One UI comes with a Night Mode system interface that delivers brighter texture to the eye. So, Stocks apps, Settings, etc. are available in Night Mode.

Button instead of Gestures

Screen with New Gestures (
While on the Navigation buttons, other companies switched to 2015 while Samsung switched on its home button and the touch buttons Back and Recent Apps on the back. Now, just a few more gestures that you can not see on Pure and other Pure android devices, Samsung brings in One UI.

Settings can replace the traditional Navigation buttons instead of the traditional iPhone 3 buttons. Then, instead of tapping the buttons, you should use the finger from the bottom up or near the top of the screen. For example, when you swipe up the corresponding Back button, the previous page / screen will return to the screen.

New Icons and lift to wake feature

Samsung introduces One UI for a new icon. Experience the previous Experience UI that looks more like cartoons than it is that makes it less professional. They have also changed their Fonts. The edges of the icons are in the same as half-circles, and the edges of the grouped items in the Settings box have to be curved to the edges of the screen edge. Launcher, as you move it to iOS, allows you to use the App Drawer as the visually or as early as Android.

Without using a cell phone and pressing the on-screen button to activate the Iris scanner, you get the ability to unlock the phone directly with the lift to wake. This can take you through the hands on the phone

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