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Interesting and Useful IoT Products You Must Try


Securifi is another IoT device that is well suited for small homes with a unique style router. It can connect two wired network devices over the wired ports to the network. This single band router can also be used as an extender and can handle the tasks of light browsing and file sharing. It is an independent computer, four times faster than your average wireless router. Without a PC or smartphone, configuration is easy. Securifi has an LCD screen that resembles Windows 8's Metro interface along with buttons that are arranged as tiles.You can also easily set up and manage the router using a 2.8 "touchscreen built-in.


The FitBark may be regarded as the best IoT product to be attached to the collar of the dog. This app helps to collect data about your pet's physical activity using the built-in memory. It also allows the assessment of the behavior and sleep quality of the dog and thus provides a very useful data. When the device is within the paired device range, all data is sent to the web server of FitBark. This data can be viewed in your phone with the aid of the app. Thus you can synchronize the device with your Fitbit account to monitor and evaluate the information. The app also allows all your pets to create multiple profiles, and can be seen in various graphic representations.


Tado is one of the best-named IoT gadget that allows you to control your heating and hot water through a smartphone application. It's specifically designed to make a technology makeover for your home. It is bundled with a number of key features and performs a number of tasks such as automatically controlling your home temperature, also turning on the lights and disabling the alarm or calling the elevator. This uses the location tracking to tell when you\re not at home and when you're back on your way.

This uses the phone's location to change the air-conditioner to save you time. It also monitors remotely, and reacts to your home's weather forecast and internal temperature. The device manufacturer also says Tado will save you more than 30 percent on your heating bills and the app will display you this in graphical format.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can be considered as one of the greatest examples of a product which gives the end user real value. It is powered by one of the remote's three ways-buttons or speech, tap the Amazon Echo device, and voice to speaker. It is a black cylinder that is streamlined and modern, about nine inches tall and three inches in diameter. It also has a bunch of listening microphones noise-cancelling and a ring of lights on its cover. It is extremely convenient and useful in case of cooking, forecasting and many other uses. For WiFi access which can be configured using a smartphone, it can be put anywhere.

Amazon Dash button

Amazon introduced Amazon Dash Buttons that are simple devices that enable you to order products with a simple button-press. It can be described as a connected Wi-Fi system that reorder your favorite product by pressing a button. During the setup process, this IoT product can be paired to a product of your choice. Now, Amazon sells Dash Buttons for many items, including paper towels, beverages, snacks and even diapers. Whenever you realize you are running low, you just have to click the button. This offers a more easy way to order items, and your product is on its way with a simple touch of the button.

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